CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

FoodTech | Application | Discounted

About us
Oho! is a Food Tech start-up built with the aim of solving one of the world’s most significant challenges: The Global Food Surplus problem. Our food outlet platform allows retailers to sell their surplus food and promotional items to consumers. With us, merchants can turn surplus into a business opportunity and consumers can enjoy high-quality meals at heavily discounted prices. This enables both consumers and merchants to do their part in contributing to help drive a cleaner world.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Hiring and Managing team of developer: Frontend and Backend
  • Define the Technology stack: Understanding the technical requirements of the project and being able to guide the team
  • Manage Operation: Scrum, Agile, Lean choose an efficient process to squeeze result from the team
  • System Architecture and design: Lay a foundation for a scalable product base on the company vision
  • Coding: It’s inevitable in early stage startup that Technical lead needs to be able to code or substitute the development team when it’s needed
  • Track Performance: Track performance individually to manage productivity of the team
  • Have a Technical Vision: Develop a Technical vision that will make the company vision reality
  • Represent the company: Need to be able to represent the company when it’s required
  • Native Thai speaking

Key benefits of this role

  • Native Thai speaking
  • The ability to join a strong and ambitious young team going after a big market opportunity to solve one of the worlds biggest problems of food waste
  • Hybrid working experience
  • The ability to join as essentially a co-founder with ownership
  • High Equity ownership available with a mixture of cash
  • The chance to grow their own team and be at a high growth early startup from the beginning