Web 3.0 Community Manager

Web 3.0 | Community | Metaverse


We specialize in community management for web3 (NFT, crypto, blockchain community etc), which requires go-to-community strategy, planning and execution for project launch, growth, crisis management and community support. We build relationship and co-create value in community through our standard process, training program and localization.

Job Brief

Community Manager or Specialist who has experience with community management, also, a passion for designing/building crypto communities, marketing strategies including social media, overall marketing strategies including social media, marketing communications, media planning, PR, Utilize sentiment analysis, engagement, and other metrics to develop social strategy and marketing plans.

Major Responsibilities

  • Organize, manage, and oversee community meetups and any other local events, ensuring proper community outreach and media and PR coverage
  • Build and manage moderator programs and strategies for Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and etc. Along with oversee communication for support
  • Stay current with emerging opportunities in the digital marketing world
  • Experience with NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain


  • Develop, plan and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies.
  • Manage across all social media channels, and crypto related communities 
  • Community engagement and moderation across Twitter/Discord/Facebook/Telegram
  • Work closely with account manager, strategic project planner and community moderator to ensure alignment and focus on community
  • Create the project news update content 
  • Launch, manage, and host marketing campaigns (AMAs, polls, giveaways, Twitter Spaces)
  • Create ,monitor, and manage both online/offline collector and creator community. Along with track, and handle reports on feedback and online reviews.
  • Organize and manage events to boost awareness.
  • Online campaigns or events planning and management.
  • Online community management, includes program preparation, qualification review, operating and maintenance.


  • Ability to effectively communicate information and report back to a remote team quickly and effectively.
  • Ability to communicate in English