Product Owner



SHIPPOP was established on November 22, 2015. We are an online service that connects transportation into one system. We look forward to the best transportation connection around the world. Make shipping easy to connect and you can choose variety of services. We help SME entrepreneurs, online merchants and anyone who wants to deliver can be made more easily, conveniently, quickly, can be used anytime and anywhere. Either you are sending parcels within the country or exporting abroad and we will help reduce your shipping costs. Including dependable with a product tracking system that can check at every step of delivery.

  • Hybrid work
  • Experience in Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Experience in Product owner, IT or related field.

Responsibilities :

  • Manage development stage of SHIPPOP's products and services.
  • Balance a technical limit, business requirements, design and others in area of develop a products.
  • Help team and stakeholders to delivery a best products and services to customer.
  • Work closely with agile/scrum team and stakeholders as effective, efficiency, and smoothly.
  • Manage and decision making about products and services' priority.
  • Take a ownership of projects from day 1 to launch.


  • Experience in Product owner, IT or related field.( Junior 0-3 years , Senior 3 years of experience)
  • Experience in Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Understanding in development process and technical documents.
  • Experience in produc design and co-ordinate with UX/UI designer.
  • Good in negotiation, communication, organize.
  • Love to learn a new things, flexibility, problem-solving.