Venture Architect

Wright Partners
Corporate Venture Builder

What you sign up for

  • Support the development and scale-up of a start-up from inception to exit.
  • Be involved in each process right from the ideation of the venture to the execution of any pilots of the venture. Each venture begins with identifying and validating new venture opportunities.
  • Work collaboratively on data-driven analysis to understand the customers’ problem statements; analyse the value chain, cost structure, and profit pools of the market.
  • You will work closely with a team of other Venture Architects, the Venture Lead, and Wright Partners, with frequent consultation with subject matter experts.
  • Develop a business model that delivers outsized value to the customers, with the accompanying fully-fleshed financial model.
  • Create and deliver a go-to-market plan that will help the venture capture the right customers.
  • Design a pilot to test the hypotheses that were derived from your analysis.
  • Working together with the product team, define product requirements, develop prototypes and work through agile product iteration to get an MVP into the hands of early customers.
  • Contribute positively and develop the venture’s culture, and ultimately scale the venture.
  • Produce deliverables for each phase of venture building using our unique venture-building methodology.

As a Venture Architect, your role is not just at the theoretical level, but you will get the opportunity to get your hands dirty with the product and with the operations. These are not functions just limited to the Venture Lead. You will get a complete taste of what it is to be an entrepreneur. You will also bring your own unique perspective to the venture, both at a strategic level, as well as on the ground, and will have the opportunity to engage with our corporate partners and build strong working relationships.

How do we support you?

From the initial spark, we will do everything within our capacity to help you achieve initial product-market fit and secure Series A funding. We will work closely with the corporate partner to secure seed funding and to confer upon you an unfair advantage by bringing their considerable assets and business networks to bear.

Our partners will fight in the trenches with you, actively assisting you in finding the right business model, creating the right product, and building a scalable venture. We will bring in our deep networks of industry and technology subject matter experts, who will extend their helping hand as and when you need it. We will support you in recruiting your team members who are as passionate and driven as you. We will be there for you every step of the way.

What do we expect from you?

  • Based in Thailand, with proficiency in Thai and a good understanding of the economic and sector-specific environment.
  • 2-4 years of work experience as a business analyst or consultant.
  • A combination of previous entrepreneurial experience as a founder and corporate experience would be ideal.
  • You bring knowledge and hands-on experience in the tech-enabled value space. We welcome perspectives from a variety of industry backgrounds (anything from e-commerce, technology, retail, real estate, education, farming, financial services, and more).
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and able to adapt to a fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment while not losing sight of your goals.
  • Failure only strengthens your drive to succeed.
  • Humble, open to feedback, and always willing to ask for help.
  • Willing to go the extra mile (or two), ready to learn by getting your hands dirty in fields that you previously knew nothing about. You are both analytical and resourceful, able to break down big problems into smaller ones and come up with creative solutions to overcome them.

What do we offer you?

We offer you an accelerated path to becoming an entrepreneur yourself. You will find a challenge that comes with ambiguity and risks, yet is equally rewarding, educational, and exhilarating. We provide attractive compensation in the form of monthly salary and opportunity for equity in the venture.

We believe in meritocracy and reward hard work. We are not hierarchical and expect every employee to be able to speak their mind. We believe in working with the person best suited to the role, irrespective of gender, colour or geography